About my photography.

What is a guy with no artistic abilities doing trying to start a site like this, and why does he bother taking photographs?

Simple: One does not need to be an artist to take photographs. All one needs is to see.

We all see things that if we took just a few moments to consider would make great photographs. Cars make great pictures, buildings make great pictures, airplanes make great pictures. People, coffee cups, trees, shoes, tires, just about anything we see on a daily basis could make a great picture. Be it a snapshot that everyone says, “Wow, you really caught the emotions in that moment!” or a picture with a fence post perfectly in focus, with the rest of the fence being a blur.

Don’t believe me?

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

Headstones near Fort Ancient

Boom. Nifty picture of headstones captured on a 15 dollar Soviet TLR 120mm camera. See? Not difficult.

Take nothing I say as the voice of an expert. I’m not. I still screw up loading film into my Nikon EM, take a gazillion great pictures, then notice that the film winder isn’t offering a lot of resistance. Take the camera into a dark room, open the back and realize that “OOPS!” I didn’t load the film right…

All I am saying is that, you don’t need to be an artistic sort of soul to take pictures. All you need is to slow down and see the beauty in a moment. Then remember you have a camera on your person, and capture the moment.

And in the Columbo, just one more thing.

The majority of my pictures here are going to be digital scans of 35mm film. The film is developed in some faraway land, most likely California, and scanned immediately thereafter. It is then sent back to me, undoubtedly by way of the Pony Express, where I go through and pick the ones I like, distaste the one’s I don’t, make notes on what worked and what didn’t, and then I’ll share them all (yes, even the nasty ones) here with you.

These are un-doctored images. No photoshop, no color enhancement, no grain change, no color inversion, no nothing. Why? I don’t want to. (And Photoshop is expensive…) I want to share these images raw, from my eye, through the lens, into the developer, and scanned to a CD. If I captured a good image technically and graphically, it will defend itself. If not, oh well. I screwed something up.

Why film? It’s simply the format I’ve chosen to work with. (No, I’m not entertaining the film vs. digital argument. Two medias, same goal, each with their own plusses and minuses. Besides, what you’re using to capture the image with is of no consequence. It is merely a tool with which to share your idea of a moment in time.)

And that’s all I have to say about that.


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