My name… is Sky Lord.

Or not.

You can call me JR. That’s, quite literally, J as in “Jay” and R as in “Are.” Not Junior, despite that’s where my name came from. (Or, as Indiana Jones would say, “Don’t call me Junior!”)

I’m in my mid 20’s.

I’m a pilot in training. I’m currently working on my Commercial Rating. Within a few months, hopefully, I’ll be making money flying, instead of paying money to fly. Nice, right?

I’m an amateur photographer. I’ve been working on my photography for a few months now. It’s a passion, and maybe one day a side gig. I use mostly 35mm cameras and film, but occasionally, I’ll throw an odd ball in here. (For fun, go look at my Lomo Lubitel shots. A good time, Komrade!)

I also blog a bit. There will be random blog bits in here. I think they’re quite good. Though, I might be biased…



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