The Ektachrome Chronicles: The Second Roll

Some 21 days ago, I posted about my Grandpa’s Canon AE-1, and a trip I took to Glen Helen Nature Preserve in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Well, I took a lot of cameras (too many) and a lot of photographs (not a lot of good ones, really.) Oh well.

I brought a roll of Kodak Ektachrome 64 loaded into one of my Nikon F4’s, and decided to experiment with shooting it at 32 ISO to see if that would help recover some of it’s color and quality. And frankly…

It didn’t work very well. Instead what ended up happening was I had a film that required a huge amount of light, and left me with some pretty slow shutter speeds. The fastest I was able to get was 1/90’th of a second, and many of my shots were much slower. The F4 that I used for this roll is particularly heavy, and made trying to get a steady hand shot difficult. I didn’t bring a tripod, so many of my shots are blurry. The color and detail didn’t improve with the slower speeds, either. I found the results to be fairly similar to what I got from my first roll. Very blued, and borderline foggy. Oh well. Expired film. At least Kodak is bringing back Ektachrome.

Not all was a waste, though. I managed to get six shots that I like. So here they are.







Look carefully in the lower right corner. You’ll see a small rainbow.



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