Swampy Farm Lane

So Ohio, in winter, does one of two things.

Snows a lot, or rains a lot. This year, it’s been gray and raining so much, I’ve seen quite a few silver Volvo’s… (A reference to delight or annoy. I’ll enjoy either reaction.)

One morning I got home from working my delightful third shift, and was blessed with super clear skies, halfway decent temps, and so much water and mud I could hardly stand it.

There’s a farm lane very close to the corner of the family ranch. It tends to collect water. By tends to collect water, I mean it was annexed by the state of Louisiana 5 years ago as swamp land. It did, however, present an opportunity for a picture I like. So I’m sharing it.

Shot on an Olympus OM-2 with a 35-70mm f/4 Zuiko lens on Kodak Color Plus film.

Go. Find. Photograph.



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