Ghostly Train Station

In Clinton County, there’s a small town called Midland. It’s the kind of town that you pass through without much thought, unless you need to buy gasoline.

Or you like trains. Freight trains run pretty regularly through Midland, moving grain or rocks or some other good from Cincinnati to this area and back.

Midland used to have passenger service at some point in its past. This train station is all that’s left.

Up close, it’s boarded up and pretty ugly. It’s probably going to come down soon at some point.

I plan to go back and see what I can do up-close, but I was headed home and was too tired to do anything but drive past. But I saw this moment and decided to capture it and share it.

This was shot on a 13 year old DSLR (Nikon D200) with a Nikon Nikkor 35-70mm lens, and processed with DXO Film Pack 5 using… Some Kodak black and white emulation. Probably Tri-X. Cameras don’t make photos. Even with a high-falutin’ DSLR (that I don’t think I really like), it’s still just a light tight box.

Go. Find. Photograph.

And sorry I’ve been gone so long if you missed me.


Midland Station, Midland, Ohio


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