Boat wake hits Blinko.

Blinko is a small, man made rock wharf at Rocky Fork Lake, located in Southern Ohio. No boats can dock to it, it’s simply a fishing wharf.

At least I think it’s a wharf. I might be wrong. Oh well. Sue me if I am.

Any way, I found myself wandering with my little N65 out by the lake, and stopped by Blinko to revisit some old memories. I walked up onto Blinko, and watched a boat pass by, leaving a wake. Thinking it might make a neat shot, I positioned, and captured this:


Boat wake on Blinko.

There wasn’t as much splashing as I’d hoped for, and I wasn’t able to get more shots because I broke the cardinal rule, and ran out of film. Oh well. Here’s the one I got.

For those that like the shot and think the camera made it:

Nikon N65, Nikon 35-70mm Nikkor f/3.5 @idontrememberididntwriteitdown, Kodak Tri-X 400, Tiffen #2 Yellow filter.


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