Ohio Snow

Spring has sprung here in Ohio. Well, sort of. It’s snowing right now. Ohio is a bit bi-polar when it comes to weather. 65 degrees and sunny one day, 28 and snowing the next.

It is, however, Spring for us. And while it is snowing as I write this, there’s no accumulation. No little snow piles. This may be Winters last gasp at snow in Ohio. And while I’m happy to see warmer temps come around the corner, allowing me to get back on my bicycle and back into fitness, I am a bit melancholy.

Snow really is a beautiful thing. It’s bright and cheerful. It brings out the little kid in all of us. Sure, it’s dangerous sometimes, and frustrating others, but all in all, snow makes us feel a bit happier. Gives us a reason to spend time at home with family. Cuddle up next to a fireplace with a good book, or your sweetheart, and look at how the moonlight gives snow an almost ethereal coloring.

Snow does some pretty neat stuff in the daylight, too. Winds draw little designs on the snow, make snowdrifts that can almost be a natural snow fort. When the sun hits snow just right, it looks like a million diamonds shining in the light.

So in many ways I, like many other Ohioans, will miss the snow and the beauty it brings. Not so much the cold, or the dreary overcast days which, in their own right, have beauty. But I will miss the sunny, snow filled days of winter, and will wait patiently for snow to return again. Once I’m fed up with Ohio’s hot and “I need to shower again” humid summers.

In the meantime, though, I have some photos of sunny Ohio winter days.

The following photos come from the family ranch. You may even recognize some of the stuff from previous photos and articles. Which makes my thoughts on snow even more truthful; snow changes everything. And you don’t need exotic locations to take photos that make YOU feel good. Which is what these photos do for me. I hope they do the same for you.

For those that are tech curious, Nikon F4, Quantaray 28-90mm f3.5 lens, and Kodak 400 Ultra Max. Drug store Kodak, on a third party discount lens, with a pro Nikon body that’s probably older than me.

You’re equipment doesn’t matter. Your vision matters. What’s your story?


Sunlit fence with a little flair. (Holy Lens Flare, Batman!)


Yellow wheel in the snow


Mmm. Litter. Lovely.


Wind drawings at sunset


Same wind drawings, a new perspective


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