Finding Images

Some people think that they need to go to exotic, or just different, places to get good images.

I disagree.

Hillsboro, Ohio is far from exotic. In fact, it’s so behind the times that when you cross the county line, your vision goes monochromatic. I think I broke barriers by managing to get these images in color. Gave the town a sort of “Pleasantville” moment. People starting freaking out. (It’s a joke… Partly.)

I’ve been in and around Hillsboro for 20 some years. I know it pretty well. Went on many dates there. Went to a private school there. Went to college there. Life revolved around this little town for a long time. So after deciding to get into photography, I decided to get in and see the town with what little artists eye I have.

You don’t need a $2,000 camera to make amazing pictures. You don’t need to be in Bora Bora, or Brisbane, or Paris, or London. You don’t need to be artsy. You just need to SEE. You need to slow down. Take a moment to ponder. Smell the roses. That’s part of why I shoot on film. It forces you to slow down. You need to think about your image.

Any camera can take good pictures, but I might take this moment to encourage the purchase of a film camera. Anyone will do. A schnazzy Nikon F4 like mine, or a simple Nikon EM like mine. Maybe not even one of those. Hit up a thrift shop and see what you can find. Find one, make sure YOU like it (because that’s what matters) and buy some film. It MAKES you slow down. You have to stop and ponder the moment. You have to refine the moment and make the strongest image you can find. Sometimes you’ll hit it spot on. Others you’ll miss. Welcome to photography, film or digital. Film just makes the hits that little bit more special.

So here’s what I found in Hillsboro on a cold day. I had 20 or some frames left on a 36 shot roll of Kodak Ektar 100. For those that think it matters, this comes from my Nikon Series “E” fixed 50, mounted on my Nikon F4. (My EM could get these images too. So could my N65. And if I was brave enough, I could even force my old Minolta Freedom Dual 60 to do it too.)



TWO! Bigger.

TWO! Bigger.

Back of Bell's Opera House

Back of Bell’s Opera House

Back of the Opera House... With a filter this time! (ND-4, for the tech folks)

Back of the Opera House… With a filter this time! (ND-4, for the tech folks)

Historical Hillsboro

Historical Hillsboro

Christmas Sleigh

Christmas Sleigh

Christmas Door

Christmas Door

I prefer RC honestly...

I prefer RC honestly…

Vernors down the alley.

Vernors down the alley.

Ohio's Oldest Pharmacy

Ohio’s Oldest Pharmacy

This used to be a music store. Now it's a vacant beauty parlor.

This used to be a music store. Now it’s a vacant beauty parlor.

Something something Iron Works. (You can't read it in person, either...)

Something something Iron Works. (You can’t read it in person, either…)

Sorry Jean Luc, there are only three... (Bad joke)

Sorry Jean Luc, there are only three… (Bad joke)


One lens did this. Just one. You don’t need more stuff. You need more VISION!


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